Two Kinds Of Furnaces Being Manufactured

Manufacturers are able to produce a variety of furnaces specifically for industrial purposes. But a galvanizing furnace manufacturer could still have space on his factory floor for catering for the home environment, principally those aged homes that have not yet made the transformation towards modernized and sustainable home heating installations. Nevertheless, amongst the furnaces that the manufacturer will be producing for industries, two stand out in this brief account.

These are the galvanized furnace for high temperature use and the galvanized furnace equipped with a ‘kettle’. The high temperature purposed furnace is being used for the galvanizing of small parts. The galvanizing work takes place within a ceramic bath area. Natural gas or oil heating is utilized in this process. If a zinc bath is being used, the bath will be heated from the top. The bath area is lined with refractory material, said to be better than that provided by a metallic kettle because it is better able to handle high temperatures.

While no longer sustainable, electrical heating is also used. Kettle furnaces are usually twenty meters long and have a depth of three to four meters. But sizes can be customized for the purposes of adaptation to specific products or materials that need to be galvanized. In this case, manufacturing clients need to be specific about their specifications when preparing for the development of new or revised galvanizing inventory. Alternative to the kettle furnace are specialized drying furnaces and centrifuges. Galvanized furnaces equipped with a kettle are being used for the galvanizing of structural steel components of large size. They are heated through electrical heating, natural gas or oil.

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But heating speeds will vary. The galvanized kettle will also have a zinc surface area. This is where materials will be dipped and coated.